Though the extent is difficult to discern, it is now well established that the future of work is uncertain. All of us will sooner rather than later need to re- skill or up- skill, perhaps both. The newer suites of technology will have an impact on the nature of perhaps every job imaginable. The newer corporate training workshops are being designed in such a way, that both up- skilling, as well as re- skilling can take place. One company that has deployed re- skilling in a big way is Microsoft. Due to the use of cloud technology, the creation of several new data centres has been necessitated. These have been in far- off places such as in Des Moines in Iowa, Boydton in Virginia and in Dublin, capital of Ireland. The staff at these places have required fresh training. Technology learning group Mursion has been amongst the quickest to go for up- skilling.


Uploaded Date:29 July 2019

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