One of the trickiest transition phases in individual careers takes place when a newly-minted manager is not sure of his bearings post a recent promotion from the position of an individual contributor. The skills that got him promoted in the first place may no longer be relevant and the relationships with former peers also sees a change. In order to still forge an authentic and connected leadership experience, the person must start off by setting his/her leadership goals around common values. While thus far, technical skills may have brought him/her to this juncture, now one needs to build on emotional intelligence skills and work on situational awareness. Such a leader aiming to be adept at talent management, must have an awareness of the audience, their perspectives on various topics, ways to motivate others, action to be taken at a particular situation and optimal outcomes expected. In order to lead during such times of transition, one must come across as stable and grounded, especially if situations are tough. The entire communication need be clear, direct and respectful. This includes clarity on the manager’s thought process. He/she must be respectful enough to ask others, listen to their views and acknowledge their work. Anytime that others cannot comprehend a situation, the manager must be respectful enough to clarify the “Whys’ behind the step taken.


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