As part of the management training that is provided in the form of executive coaching the newly minted managers, one challenge stands out. This is the mismatch between their attitude towards flaunting their emotions till then versus the requirements of the same now. As executives, they are expected to forever keep a calm demeanor, not engage in quarrels and handle all issues by balancing all sides. However, as business leaders they will now needed to engage, inspire and motivate colleagues. This requires the display of emotion. In fact, a Harris Poll confirmed this bias by stating that most employees trust leaders who speak with authenticity. Some methods have been observed which can help new managers to emotionally resonate with the people. First of all, a clear intent has to be set bereft of ambiguity. The communication needs to involve emotional phrases. Examples of such may be inspired, amazed or exhilarated to convey joy or let down, irritated or regretful for anger. A sense of urgency may be conveyed using critical, anxious or missing out. Then, emotional appeals need to be imbibed. Such emotional triggers could be for various aspects such as for respecting authority, reciprocating behaviours or convey a similarity with all team members.


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