A recent report published by research firm Spencer Stuart signals that a substantial number of CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) have been sacked throughout 2018. The CMO’s role has evolved from being the font for all expertise, to being a facilitator for growth. To do this, there are some crucial business levers, starting with the brand value. Another is the product marketing. Data and the subsequent business analytics form another crucial part, followed by the sales support. Certain lessons have been learnt from this uneasy transformation that CMOs are witnessing. The first is that one ought to understand one’s real responsibilities. Once the role is clarified, a team has to be built around the idea. So, the talent recruitment and subsequent team building has to be geared towards the end goal. There mustn’t be any boundaries, not must silos get created. Whatever dynamics exist within a team, coming in the way of success have to be overcome.


Uploaded Date:26 November 2018

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