In the 1930, a mathematician Nikolai Kondratieff was tasked by the Soviet Union to prove that capitalism was bound to fail. His research instead found that while capitalism tended to reinvent itself after every crisis, technology explained the rise and fall of human societies. His theory dubbed as the K-waves proves that after every five to six decades, technological disruptions lead to business innovations. Spectral analysis has proven his theory starting from the 1770s. The last fifteen odd years in each cycle tends to bring about a crisis with the present ongoing from 2015 till 2030. The last crisis sub-phase was between 1965 and 1980. A look at Irish airliner Ryanair gives us a peek on how business models will evolve. For each choice that Ryanair takes, an equal consequence too takes place. Its choice of secondary airports leads to low airport fees, standardised fleets of 737s gives way to a bargaining power with suppliers, single class means economies of scale and so on. The next cycle of capitalism will begin from 2030 involving Artificial Intelligence (AI), Human Enhancement Technology (HET), geographical dispersion, extreme mobility, new raw materials coming from space and finally solar, wind and biomass forming a new energy matrix.


Uploaded Date:21 October 2017

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