A thriving nightlife is one key ingredient for big cities to hit upon the formula of success in the tourism sector. This has been proven through business intelligence supplied by the Ostelea School of Tourism and Hospitality. The report goes on to claim that in Spain, about a fourth of the travelers visit the country, due to the reasons of an attractive nightlife. Tourism makes up about eleven percent of the nation’s GDP, with 3% coming from the nightlife aspects. The country also has a fourth of the population engaged directly or indirectly in tourism jobs. As per the Nightlife Association, Spain has the maximum number of entries in to the top 100 of the best night clubs in the world. Twenty- two entries are from Spain, with thirteen of the them in the city of Ibiza alone. Another five are in Barcelona, two in Madrid, and one each from Marbella and Lleida. The USA, Brazil, Italy and the UK follow Spain in the top 100.


Uploaded Date:13 May 2019

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