The time span of an average Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is now down to an all time low of a mere forty two months, as per a publication on the Wall Street Journal. This has precipitated major changes in their work patterns. Thus some traits have been identified which distinguish the most effective of CMOs from their counterparts. First of all, they must be defined by genuine passion for their work. Secondly, they must realize the power of perspective where holistic skills are required to succeed. Communication is needed with diverse people in the team and collaboration with other members of the C-suite such as finance, security or even technology. A truly good CMO is not someone who just barks orders, but one who is hands-on. He/she does not blindly follow data but adds personal inputs for proper analysis. The global Digital IQ survey found out that human experience was a key component in driving superior business performances. The person must not be rigid to traditional maxims, but be ready to constantly innovate, evolve and embrace new work patterns. A modern CMO for example must imbibe business analytics, artificial intelligence and contextual marketing methods. Such analytics must be gleaned thoroughly to get authentic business insights. A successful CMO will have in-built talent management abilities to forge together a cohesive team. He/she will also be open to constant innovations, and actively stimulate the same. Finally, the best of CMOs must have the ability to think from the customer’s point of view. This enables the best of service to be provided.


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