Personalization of content and offerings has become central to all marketing activities now, especially when on the web. For any operating model to work for personalization, there are four major factors that must successfully play on. First of all, there must be a foundation for data warehousing, so that the right data may get captured, for future use. Once data is mined, the decision- making process must be smooth so that people may act on the business intelligence captured. The right offers and communication module must be communicated to the customer base. Once this insight has been captured, it needs to be distributed to the right channels. For developing this personalization strategy, first of all, there has to be full commitment to the process devised. A proper data governance policy too needs to be set in place. The people in the team need be given the proper tools and technology so they may be empowered in the process. The Key Performance Indicators too need to be outlined so that both the major, as well as intricate expectations may be defined. Long- term talent development has to be done and the leadership must be invested in this personalization strategy.


Uploaded Date:29 December 2018

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