Usually most companies set others in the same industry as their main rivals. This however deflects attention from the genuinely main competition, which is a market trend to reject the product or service altogether. A focus on customers ultimately brings more benefits to marketers than any similar focus on competitors. Thus for a health maker, the main rivals are fast or junk food producing companies or the natural human tendency to crave fats and sugars. Thus the marketing team’s time or effort needs to be re-geared in certain ways. Firstly, there must be a rethink on what exactly is the mission or corporate strategy of the firm. This involves a rethink on what exactly is being sold and how is it relevant to the customers. Then, a rethink on the wider customer base is needed which includes not only present buyers but potentially all who may end up using the service or product. Their problems must be listed in order to be relevant to them. This includes obstacles they face in product usage and resolving them. The competition too must be redefined according to specifics of the broader industry rather than using rivals as reference pieces. Content marketing may be used to advertize the benefits of the game rather than attacking rival claims.


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