A lot of companies fail or underperform in their abilities to balance the corporate strategy initially set with the underlying cost agenda. To gauge the exact metrics, a study was conducted by audit firm PwC, which throws up interesting revelations. The study was called the Fit for Growth Index Profiler. A staggering eighty-two percent of respondents claimed that the company strategy was not well-understood across the firm. Three-fourths indicated that while the strategy may be sound, thetalent recruitment was faulty, so the capabilities are not matched accordingly. A similar figure said that the said strategy does not get translated into real action. A bit over half the respondents even made the damning accusation that the resources or time was not allocated in coherence with the overall strategy in mind. A vast majority was not happy with the incentives on offer, while a bit over half feel that the funding for strategic initiatives needs to be better formalized. Only about fourth though claim that the organization’s culture is a hindrance to achieving the desired goals.


Uploaded Date:01 June 2018

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