Oktoberfest remains one of the iconic fests held in Europe. Held every year in the Bavarian region, the average visitor population remains around six million. To some surprise, nearly-three-fourths of visitors are from the Bavaria region itself, with fifty-eight percent being from the region’s biggest city- Munich. The remainder of the visitor numbers are most prominently propelled by nationals from USA, Switzerland and Italy. In 2017 the total number topped the six million figure which is substantially higher than the 2016 figure. A whopping 7.5 million liters of the signature beer was consumed this year at the fest. A lot of traditional visitors are complaining about the increasing commercialization. An interesting business innovation added this year has been the availability of organic food. This is an outcome of interest from international travelers from countries such as UK, France, Austria, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark and Spain.


Uploaded Date:06 February 2018

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