Wolters Kluwer is a publishing house founded back in the 1830s, but the Dutch multinational has seen a rapid shift in its business strategy over the past fifteen odd years. Its model now encompasses greater revenues out of digital sales. The person who has presided over this sea change is Ms. Nancy McKinstry, who is also placed the highest amongwomen in the world’s best performing chief executives, released by the Harvard Business Review (HBR). She confirms how change is hard, but digital transformation even more so. Data warehousing is something, McKinstry lays a lot of stress on, as she feels it’s the lifeblood behind the business, to capture useful insights. Writing skills have also become extremely important, which her business consulting experience provided her with the right platform to excel at. Due to the deep sense of legacy prevalent at Wolters Kluwer, the change agents had to work in a way that did not imperil the values inculcated since long. Being an American, and thus in some ways an outsider, helped Nancy chart a unique path, to not get heavily embroiled in the structures.


Uploaded Date:06 January 2020

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