Traditional asset-based businesses no longer have the advantage of yesteryear compared to lean start-ups such as Uber, WhatsApp and Airbnb who have disrupted their respective industries. Peer-based models are also working well in the financial services sector. However, one thing that older, large corporations still have in abundance is talent, and this is where start-ups often struggle. In spite of so much talent at the behest of large firms, they often struggle at talent management, and getting the best out of these people. The people then often get frustrated by the lack of opportunities coming their way or their ideas not being easily accepted. Top business leaders must instead focus on becoming enablers of various functions as understood by Bajaj Auto’s MD realized after his meeting with a business consultant from Japan. His task and those of other such leaders is to help others with compassion to make the best use of their talents.


Uploaded Date:15 November 2017

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