New technologies that have hit the market, are having an impact on the organizational effectiveness. A number of problems have existed since long, but are now being solved the right way, using digital technologies. This is also helping in providing a multifaceted view, necessary for drafting any firm’s corporate strategy. A digital twin concept is energizing the field of design. Any enterprise can now be viewed using different viewpoints, thus providing a more holistic picture. The first is the organizational viewpoint. Another is the culture and behavior. This in turn is further affected by the existing workforce. So, the talent recruitment efforts have to be planned in such a way that the new recruits can mingle with the existing company culture. Of course, all of these discussion, go out of the window, when costs are not put in consideration. Real- time results need to be tracked for all such parameters, so that improvisations can be conducted for each.


Uploaded Date:12 June 2019

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