It has long been known that China is the source for the highest number of outbound travels each year. Increasing average incomes has meant that foreign travel is now more accessible to more number of people. This has consequences on several industries such as retail, hospitality and transport. A total of in excess of one-hundred and thirty million foreign trips were made in 2017 with a gross spend of US$115 billion-plus. Chinese travelers’ favourite destinations remain Thailand, Japan and South Korea. But arrivals to Europe also increased this year by up to 9.5%. Most popular destinations in Europe for Chinese travelers are Germany and France. Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary are dark horses to watch out for. Business intelligence provided by Morgan Stanley Research clearly asserts that growth in outbound travel originating from China will continue moving upwards. Overnight stays within the EU region as also tripled, with further impacts expected on markets such as USA, Brazil and Russia.


Uploaded Date:27 June 2018

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