Most of the startup community and the media fanfare around it revolves around companies, valuations and pitches. Little notice is paid to the innovators. Healthcare is one area where several key business innovations have now got wings to fly. One such success story is Peak Profiling. To detect diseases, this company uses voice analysis. This technique is set to become a key ingredient in the fight against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, multiple sclerosis and some to do with heart and lungs. All key stakeholders get some for of benefit through voice analysis. Patients receive quicker treatment, insurers save on costs and doctors get access to huge quantities of data warehousing. This allows them to glean information to be used in future as well. The future of medicine will be preventive, participatory, predictive and personalized. Patients are the stakeholders most open to modern healthcare innovations.


Uploaded Date:28 July 2018

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