Leadership is not just deemed on the basis of a designation, but also needs to be earned. The top bosses at several corporations in the recent past such as at Wells Fargo, BP and Volkswagen have realized this the hard way, after theirs and their companies’ reputations took a nosedive. For leaders to be credible, two elements are central. One is their perceived level of competence and the other is their trustworthiness. These views get formed over time, through direct or indirect interaction with the leader. This sort of intelligence gets amplified further in the present digital age due to the business intelligence that all employees, other stakeholders or the general public pick up through social media, AI systems or smart sensors. There are some broad values that the best of leaders are associated with. This includes the affirmation of shared values, development of new capabilities, appreciating others in the team, understanding oneself and bringing a sense of hope to the enterprise.


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