Relationships at organizations are often hindered due to a negative loop curated by their leaders, often unintentionally. This happens when they focus too much of their energies in talking up the environment of mistrust. On the contrary, most people are much more trustworthy than such leaders can make out. These leaders are constantly under the fear of being taken advantage of by the others. One of the negative fallouts of this is the improper business intelligence captured, as they only get to hear things they want to hear. No one shares with them true, but negative reports. Outright cynicism is also caused by such knee- jerk mistrust. There are some everyday signals which can help identify the leader who is resorting to such cynicism. One is that such people see consistent gaps across employment surveys, when it comes to recognition. Other’s lack of commitment discourages them. They are also quick in judging others.


Uploaded Date:11 September 2019

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