Business intelligence has come a long way since the advent of the first sci-fi films, but there lies still scope for improvement. Often it has been unable to provide real, tangible security. The user experience is not yet as delightful and seamlessly in sync with expectations as possibilities exist. The usage needs to be tracked better so we can provide more relevant personalized content. More collaboration needs to be in place between BI firms and online content providers as this activity is for mutual benefit. Meta data will then be created which can pinpoint minute solutions

Certain company cultures do not provide conducive environment to foster business innovationThey usually have a slow decision making process.Such firmsstruggle to prove their respective business values.Way too much is focused on latest technologies. Operational processes are cumbersome for new recruits to follow. There is often this sense running through these firms that much innovation will lead to a loss of control over subordinates. Rather there must exist a strong sense of purpose. There is a lack of freedom to experiment. 

Business intelligence has become crucial for conducting complicated operations and certain trends have been identified that may be beneficial. Social intelligence has risen which basically points towards the evolution of tracking conversations on social media tools such Facebook and Twitter. This has provided What Drives Digital Transformation: Technology or Strategy?  professionals with far greater volume of data which may be gauged. Even smart analytics have emerged which point to exact minute details marketers seek. Intelligence is now also available to combat the increased threat of analytics and cloud based systems.

There has been some debate as to the importance of technology in driving corporate strategy. Cutting edge technology is reducing business life cycles yet without strong leadership it is not possible to integrate this technology to actually implementation at work. While loads of digital players exist, leadership will formulate the vision by which the organization will stand out in the crowd. Employees of the firm must be encouraged to look towards technological solutions as a group effort. This will also enable the breaking up of silos at the leadership level.

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