The co-founder of shoes and apparel giant Nike- Philip Knight-  being an alumnus of the Stanford University, was interviewed by the present Dean at a recent alumni-meet in Portland, Oregon. Knight had done his MBA from Stanford and spoke about how the university degree shaped his life. Unlike college dropouts like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, Knight wrote out his first business plan at Stanford itself. In his initial days as an entrepreneur, Nike ran into a lot of trouble especially from the government. The company fought out a heavy legal battle and ended up reforming key archaic laws. Technology will have major effects in the coming years especially in terms of talent recruitment as a lot of tasks today can be performed well by robots. At present only about a tenth of Nike’s total footwear is produced using completely automated tools, but the figure is set to rise over the next decade fuelling fears of impending jobs losses. Nike has also associated itself with major charity campaigns such as Girl Power for helping with young girls’ empowerment in developing countries.


Uploaded Date:27 October 2017

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