A recent book has been written by Vijay Govindarajan and Ravi Ramamurti titled Reverse Innovation in Healthcare. It touches upon several important topics such as the spiraling costs of healthcare in the US. Health insurance premiums are one of the highest in the world in the US, but in terms of benefits, it ranks 37th in the world, as per business intelligence supplied by the WEF (World Economic Forum). The solutions to USA’s problems will come from adoption of practices from India, as argued by the writers, themselves of Indian origin. This is because, though India fares poorly on the same index where USA is 37th, the challenges are phenomenal due to lower affordability rates. Narayana Health is one example of such practices being adopted, such as a driving purpose towards good. Such organizations need to have a hub-and-spoke model to provide maximum benefits. The use of technology needs to be ramped up enthusiastically. An ultra-cost-consciousness pervades such places. Focus is made on a continuous process improvement and task shifting.


Uploaded Date:03 December 2018

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