An estimate prepared by the Georgetown University states the total expenditure done at meetings in various organizations down to twenty-three hours’ valuable work. There are in total about three billion meetings a year, with a fourth of the time spent on irrelevant stuff. This lag can be reduced to a large extent by adopting the principles of design thinking, a term popularized by the agency IDEO and the design school at Stanford. Since a lot of people appear anxious at meetings, empathy needs to be webbed into the talent management systems of the company. Some questions could be posed such as who all are to be in the meeting room, who won’t physically be in it, but will be affected and the major challenges or opportunities within the work team does one face. Before beginning such meetings, one can actively pursue those who will attend to gauge reactions to such questions. After this, a frame needs to be developed to chalk out the objectives of the meeting. The meeting needs to be designed creatively with key concern for reaching the end goal as quickly as possible, and being most relevant to the concerned people. Before any major meetings, one can always test it out in smaller groups.


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