A lot of companies that may not otherwise be the best of paymasters, stress on their leadership development and talent management aspects. The premise goes that people who have a stint at this firm and work proactively, will end up as leaders elsewhere. This is also true for a lot of business schools that deliver Executive MBA courses for experienced professionals. The portable leader is now the true organization man. At such business schools, two paths were observed to create the ideal portable leader. The first, the Hunters, saw others as role models and sources of feedback while observing the business school as a place where mistakes could be made. It was a notch below the real world, rather like training. The other approach was that of the Explorers. They saw others with constant suspicion. For them the institution was tougher than the real world, so here were completely exposed. The former cultivated flexibility while the latter resolve.


Uploaded Date:27 October 2017

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