Thomas Edison had once remarked how success was mostly built on perspiration, with some help from inspiration. This is true for life as well as in sports. While a lot of teams have been ultra-successful in team sports, few have defined the complete domination, the way the US women’s football team did in the 1990s. Not only were they invincible on the pitch, they were also a role model for gender equality. The sport of women’s football became international due to their efforts. The team alchemy was second to none. Other teams such as Bayern Munich, New England Patriots, and the All Blacks too have achieved this in some ways. One technique applied by Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola to instill empathy within the team was for team members to perform others’ role for a brief period. This was a masterstroke in talent management as players were able to understand the work and challenges of the others. Companies are going through shorter product lifespans and increasing volatility, so need to adopt such innovative methods. A sense of higher calling must be established for all the employees, so each realizes one’s importance to the organization. There must the least amount of ambiguity, so plans must be clearly communicated to those concerned.


Uploaded Date:04 July 2018

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