A quality that some of the most effective leaders tend to have over others is the ability to churn deeper insights out of regular conversations. The flow of the day is well-planned as opposed to reactive leaders who respond only to sudden exigencies which keep arising. Some actions have been identified to increase mindfulness. To start with the professional must be aware of his/her self and surroundings. For this, writing down five most dearly held values to begin with, will help. Periodic deep introspection will help fortify memory, learning and emotional control. It will help gauging business intelligence from everyday occurrences. Meditation, yoga, hiking, running or even quiet walks may help in this. Introspection may get boosted by periodic meetings with oneself. It can work best at twenty-minute periods at the end of each week. Specific patterns of breathing also help in combatting stress. Attention to detail is crucial in the times of multitasking, so task presence need be practiced. One needs to focus on the task at hand such as the meeting, issue or challenge. A true leader will not practise mindfulness just for himself/herself but will get the entire team to do so in order to improve productivity. For this “rapid fire lightning” rounds have been known to successfully instil these values.


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