A recent book has been released titled Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) written by the trio of Ajay Agrawal, Avi Goldfarb and Joshua Gans. The book speaks about the essentiality of prediction behind the success of any AI application. It includes predicting speech intention with Amazon Echo, command context in Apple’s Siri danger so brakes may be applied when using Tesla’s autopilot, news to read on Facebook or information to search on Google. This depends a lot on the data warehousing that platforms do to generate information for future use. While a lot of fear has been instilled in us about the effect AI on employment, the good news is that there will be an added requirement of judgement, which only humans possess as of now. So, while AI can render many tasks obsolete, new tasks get added. The book also mentions certain inputs which company leaders need in case they are planning to shift towards a more AI-centric strategy.


Uploaded Date:10 November 2018

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