Much has been made of the disruptive changes in force and the further impending ones. One such upcoming disruption is by that of self-driving cars whose peak is expected to be between 2020 and 2026. Their rise however will depend a lot on how they can overcome the threat of ride-sharing apps, known otherwise as Uberization. The pattern of business innovation however needs to change. Gone is the time for the top-down communication lines, as it has become very difficult even for C-Suite members to stay abreast or even predict innovation patterns. Three critical functions have been identified to help teams identify innovation opportunities. They are Discovering, Deliberating and Embedding. Discovering entails a silo-busting run where members scout for opportunities. At the Deliberating stage, the competing thoughts on innovative opportunities slug it out to win scarce company resources. And finally, at the Embedding stage, the “task coordinator” directs the now clearer corporate strategy towards sustainable, scalable routines. Coordination with various stakeholders is now a necessity.


Uploaded Date :21 October 2017

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