Among the several industries primed for change, one is the automotive. One such transformation is to be its electrification. Self- driving vehicles will also increasingly become the norm, with fleets expected to prosper by the year 2035. The sharing economy will thrive with more amount of mobility being shared among people. These mutually reinforcing changes will have major impacts on the sale of automobiles. Newer sources of profitability will also emerge with China a definite market now. While growth will continue to be experienced, the profitability will be driven by new mobility tech. The profit pools will rise dramatically from emerging means. Data warehousing will also get a further new lease of life, as the insights captured will now be inherently higher than previously. This will further boost the on- demand mobility. Top car makers like GM have already got themselves a toe hold into these means of growth. The infrastructure will also likewise need a lift, with more number of battery production and charging facilities.


Uploaded Date:27 June 2019

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