Name of the Professional – Mr. Siddharth Sahai

Company Represented – India Operations in Retirement LLC

Desig. – Vice President

Date of Visit – 18.04.2012

Purpose of Visit-Six Sigma

Name of the Professional – Dr. Deepak Rautray

Company Represented – Cipla

Desig. – Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology

Date of Visit – 14.04.2012

Purpose of Visit-Cancer Awareness

Name of the Professional – Mr. Kaustabh Saha

Company Represented – Sterlite Technologies

Desig. – Additional General Manager (AGM)

Date of Visit – 07.04.2012

Purpose of Visit – New Horizons in the Telecom Sector

Name of the Professional – Ms. Jyotsana Aswal

Company Represented – Urssccohwilson Pvt. Ltd.

Desig. – General Manager (HR)

Date of Visit – 28.03.2012

Purpose of Visit – Creativity in HR

Name of the Professional – Ms. Saraswati Raju

Company Represented – “Centre for the study of Regional Department”, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Desig. – Professor

Date of Visit – 14.03.2012

Purpose of Visit – Labour Market

Name of the Professional – Mr. C Rajagopalan

Company Represented – Pragmatic Learning

Desig. – Entrepreneur and Co-Founder

Date of Visit – 15.02.2012

Purpose of Visit – Leveraging LinkedIn to establish a Strong Professional Online Presence

Name of the Professional – Mr.Saurabh Jain

Company Represented – Senior Consultant

Desig. – Senior Consultant

Date of Visit – 01.02.2012

Purpose of Visit– Scope of Business Analyst in the Modern World

Name of the Professional – Mr. Sunny Sharma

Company Represented – Foetron Inc., Online media

Desig. – Technology Evangelist

Date of Visit – 25.01.2012

Purpose of Visit – Importance of Social Media

Name of the Professional – Mr.Paras Kaushik and Ms. Varsha

Company Represented – Madura F & L (Fashion and Lifestyle) of Aditiya Birla Group.

Desig. – (Head Retail Human Resources Madura Group) & (HR Sales Gurgaon)

Date of Visit – 21.01.2012

Purpose of Visit – Insight from Inside

Name of the Professional – Professor Steve Bristow

Company Represented – Senior Advisor (Quality Assurance and Governance)

Desig. – Senior Advisor (Quality Assurance and Governance)

Date of Visit – 09.11.2011

Purpose of Visit – British Accreditation Council and Corporate Governance

Name of the Professional – Mr. Akarshan Chopra

Company Represented – Delta Electronics

Desig. – OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) head

Date of Visit – 03.11.2011

Purpose of Visit – Channel Management

Name of the Professional – Mr. Vishal Mittal

Company Represented – Altais Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Desig. – Managing Director

Date of Visit – 20.10.2011

Purpose of Visit – Importance of Value Investment

Name of the Professional – Mr. Rakesh Mohan Diwan

Company Represented – Punjab National Bank (PNB)

Desig. – General Manager

Date of Visit – 15.10.2011

Purpose of Visit – Marketing Initiatives by Indian Banks

Name of the Professional – Mr. Varun Sharma

Company Represented – LS Cables (a subsidiary of LG)

Desig. – Assistant Manager- Technical Marketing

Date of Visit – 1.10.2011

Purpose of Visit – Industry Requirements for Management Graduates

Name of the Professional – Mr.Anupam Bose

Company Represented – Sinopec Co. Limited.

Desig. – Manager, Engineering, Procurement and Constructions (EPC)

Date of Visit – 29.09.11

Purpose of Visit – International Business Scenario

Name of the Professional – Mr. V.N. Venugopal

Company Represented – Mobile Broadband & Transport

Desig. – Assistant Manager- Solution Manager

Date of Visit – 24.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Evolution of Mobile Communication Technologies.

Name of the Professional – Mr. A. Shrivastva

Company Represented – Fiedelia Systems

Desig. – Assistant Manager- V.P. (Sales & Marketing)

Date of Visit – 22.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Digital Marketing

Name of the Professional – Mr. Prasant Malik

Company Represented – M & A New Business Development

Desig. – Dy-General Manager

Date of Visit – 17.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Mergers & Acquisitions.

Name of the Professional – Mr. Anil Kumar Sinha

Company Represented – Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. – Fin. Dept.

Desig. – Chartered Accountant

Date of Visit – 15.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Financial working culture in public sector vs. Private Sector.

Name of the Professional – Jaideep Manchanda

Company Represented – Economic Times

Desig. – Brand Manager

Date of Visit – 10.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Marketing and Media.

Name of the Professional – Rajat Sabharwal

Company Represented – Alstom

Desig. – Former Managing Director

Date of Visit – 03.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Corporate world-good, bad or ugly.

Name of the Professional – Ms. Sushma Gupta

Company Represented – HR Consultant

Desig. – Trainer

Date of Visit – 01.09.11

Purpose of Visit – Career in HR.

Name of the Professional – Mr. Jay Shankar

Company Represented – IT Consultant

Desig. – IT Consultant

Date of Visit – 27.08.11

Purpose of Visit – An insight to the IT world.

Name of the Professional – Amit Sinha

Company Represented – Akshamaala Solutions Private Limited

Desig. – Director

Date of Visit – 28.08.11

Purpose of Visit – Entrepreneurship in practice – In the Indian context.

Name of the Professional – Mr. Rajesh Chuthani

Company Represented – Ciena (Telecom MNC)

Desig. – Regional Manager

Date of Visit – 25.08.11

Purpose of Visit – An Insight on the Telecom Sector.

Special Seminars on campus 2009 & 2010
S.No. International speakers Topic

Prof. Barry J. Cooper,
Associate Dean (Development) & Prof. of Accounting at Deakin University, Australia.

Challenges & Opportunities in Accounting Profession


Dr. William Hicky,
Professor, Professional Studies, California State University, Long Beach, CA, USA at California State University.

Competitiveness & Cluster
3 Mr. Indresh Singh Saluja,
Asst. Vice-President Customer Service – Etisalat DB Telecom.
Fundamentals of Sales and Distribution
4 Mr. Alain Ouvrieu,
(Director-International Development) Business School of Normandie – (School of Passerelle world, France).
(Special French Seminar)
5 Mr. Ajay Chowdhary,
Associate Vice President – People Development – CHR – SRF Ltd. (Part of Shriram Group, one of the nations largest e Enterprise).

Vertical seminars by experts

Mr. Debrata Deb Product launch
Ms. Kavita Rawat Capital Market
Ms. Indra Sood Competency mapping



Mr. A. Shrivastva

Grading Policy at SKYLINE


Marks Grade Grade Point Description
70 or above A 4 Very Good
60 – 69 B 3 Good
50 – 59 C 2 Average
40 – 49 D 1 Pass
Below 40 E 0 Fail


Those students attaining grade – ‘D’ or ‘F’ – are given an opportunity to improve their grade within a stipulated period of time.


SKYLINE provides an assurance on the academic rigor and relevance of the curriculum taught at SKYLINE.


  • Modern learning methods and technology

  • Experienced and qualified academic staff

  • Lectures by Renowned Guests

  • Manageable class size

  • Participative / activity based teaching

  • Emphasis on learning outcomes of each element of a unit / course.


Academic Standard Assurance

The range of learning outcomes achieved by students on the programme will vary according to their Award. As students progress towards their final levels of study, they will be expected to demonstrate an increasingly sophisticated level of understanding, analysis and evidence of the synthesis of theory and practice and are expected to be able to:


  • Demonstrate an understanding of the functional areas of business

  • Use the practical vocabularies of a variety of business disciplines in an appropriate manner

  • Handle issues from a variety of viewpoints

  • Understand and evaluate theoretical frameworks

  • Undertake a piece of appropriate independent research

  • Analyse and suggest appropriate responses to organisational issues

  • Identify appropriate practical strategies

  • Develop capabilities in working with and managing others

  • Construct, analyse and evaluate different forms of argument and present them in a logical and coherent manner.


Skyline Learning Environment


9th Feb. 2010. Skyline has organized seminar on “product Launch” by Professor Debabrata Deb. The seminar focuses on strategies which can be adopted in this competitive environment during new product launch. It was a very interactive and knowledgeable seminar which brings various aspects to be considered during any product launch. Key point discussed during the seminar was:

  • Need for Change in Marketing Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Firm Specific Market Research
  • Need for Change in Product/Brand/Market Mix
  • Steps to Product Launch
  • Launch Activity Plan
  • Pre-Launch Awareness Creation
  • Launch
  • Post Launch Growth Phase
  • Monitoring & Course Correction
  • Completion of Launch Phase

The most interesting part of the presentation is Launch activity plan and monitoring of launch plan. The Launch activity plan includes Product Specification Freezing, Branding, Packaging, Labeling  Design, Geography of Launch, Pricing, Advertising, Media  Planning , Promotion, including Event Management, Distribution, Launch Quantities, Merchandizing & Retailing Planning, Supplier Selection & Price Negotiations.
Also, at every phase of the launch, the marketer must monitor off take, usage experience, defects, returns, word of mouth, competitor responses, opinion leaders and influencers. The marketer must also monitor performance against targets. There must be time to time dialogue with top management. Resources must be provided as necessary and communication channels must be kept open both internally and externally.
This seminar gives us insights about the proactive approach of product launch, which every organization should take to make every launch successful.

The co-curricular activities through academic societies enhance knowledge with intense level of interaction amongst students as well as with industry. We have three societies  at present :

Marketing Society


This is a platform for marketing professionals for developing skills in areas related to different aspects of marketing. The society focuses on having internal seminars on emerging issues, reaching out to industry, holding active interaction with industry for knowledge enhancement.


Co Curricular Activities at Skyline College


Finance Society


This is a platform for number crunching wizards for specialized interaction for developing skills in areas related to finance and economics.  The society focuses on having internal seminars on emerging issues, reaching out to industry, holding active interaction with industry for knowledge enhancement.


HR Society


This is a platform for HR professionals for developing skills in areas related to different aspects of human resources. The society focuses on having internal seminars on emerging issues, reaching out to industry, holding active interaction with industry for knowledge enhancement.

We have formed three cells and three societies to facilitate these activities.  All the cells are student driven, mentored by faculty.


The Corporate Cell


Corporate Relationship Centre coordinates activities related to corporate interface and focuses on interacting with corporate for sourcing live projects, event sponsorship, organizing speakers for talks / seminars and marketing the institute in various institutes/bodies


The Sports Cell


The Sports cell plans the entire gamut of sports activities – creating sports calendar, arranging for logistics, and – organizes sports activities as per a planned calendar – both intra-class and inter-class.  The cell also coordinates with other institutes for inter-school sports events. Cricket, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, Pool Table are some of the popular games.Skyline MBA BBA Mass Communication Travel Tourism Students in a cricket match


The Cultural Cell

This cultural cell organizes all cultural activities as per the planned calendar throughout the year, culminating into annual college fest which spans a couple of days. It also facilitates participation in inter-collegiate events in various college festivals in the region.


The Fest – Manzeal


Our annual festival Manzeal is a forum to unleash the talents.  The students participate in a series of activities such as dance, music, ad-Mad show, skits, collage, rangoli, painting, cartoon making, business quiz, debate etc. 

Cultural cell conducts various competitions during the term.  The fest , concludes with a cultural program where students exhibit their talent through variety entertainment  program.

SKYLINE Knowledge Centre

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