People do not like quitting jobs unless they have other options already in hand. This is because during any talent recruitment round, the person who already holds a job usually gets preference over someone unemployed. In addition, quitting without another job lined up makes one feel like a failure. However, there are times when one needs to simply let go. One such case is when the employee feels that he/she is getting involved in something illegal or unethical, thus will reflect badly on career path. Then other case is when the schedule is proving detrimental towards one’s long term health prospects. At such times, it is okay but not before following some basic steps. First of all, a plan must be sketched out of when exactly to leave, the process and to whom must the resignation be offered to. Even in a not so predictive job, certain positive elements will exist. These must be tapped up and used as references. A short, crisp resignation letter must be penned down. The day the resignation is sent out, marks a crucial day as it begins the rest of the person’s career.


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