The number of people opting for freelance or independent job roles, is growing substantially. Over the last five years alone, nearly four million workers have gone independent in the USA, as per business intelligence supplied by Upwork. Though the practice of gig workers is associated with blue- collared profiles at Task Rabbit or Lyft, the vast majority of such professionals, are knowledge workers. A study was conducted by the management consulting firm Eden McCallum and the London Business School, to understand what are the skills that such workers must enhance, to ensure a steady supply of assignments. They need to be proactive and build psychological resilience. They must also have mental agility to shift work. Some challenges also inherently creep in. One is on managing security. Another is to manage back- room activities. Another is how to deal with loneliness. Giving up on a known brand is another such challenge when one leaves a stable job at a big firm.


Uploaded Date:08 June 2019

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