Talent recruitment efforts do not always succeed. There are, admittedly times when recruiters get it wrong. A recent study has pegged success of new hires at a mere 19%, while the much higher 46% have been deemed outright failures. When such mistakes in hiring take place, the manager must prepare for an awkward but straight-to-the-point discussion with this new hire. One must take into consideration the bigger picture of continuing with this employee or moving ahead. For this, costs must be weighed on the new hire’s present and future. Reassignment or focused feedback may somewhat rectify the mess the team has landed in as a result of this wrong decision. Each company has a defined exit plan. On this occasion, one may deviate slightly to reduce the damage for all. As overall it is a bad deal for all, next time due diligence must be pained after learning from this experience.


Uploaded Date:01 September 2018

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