The seventy- fifth anniversary of the Normandy landings were recently commemorated on 6th June. There was a cast of one- hundred and sixty veterans of the Second World War for the ceremony held in France. It was attended by, among others, Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. This was amongst the most iconic events in the war, which led to the final victory of the Allies, though at much cost of human lives lost. Normandy is now making good money based around this Remembrance tourism. There are fifty- six military and memorial sites, strewn all over the Normandy coastline. Business intelligence provided by the CSA Research points to an overwhelming interest among the visitors towards the Basse- Normandie region, being preferred over the Upper- Normandy. The events being held attract tourists from different parts of the world, such as from the UK, USA, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands and of course from France. The Normandy region has applied for UNESCO recognition of the beaches here involved on D- Day.


Uploaded Date:15 June 2019

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