It is a well- known fact that when employees share their ideas, and those remedies are worked upon, the company tends to perform better. The employees are after all the frontline workers who can observe business practices from close by, in stark contrast to the head office, located remotely. Yet, we see several instances where these people are not empowered and their ideas not taken up. Sometimes, it could be due to the ego of their seniors, who want to stick by their pre- existing ideas. But more often, it is that their immediate bosses, themselves have little power to act on the business intelligence received. Companies tend to work by a system where all inputs need to be relayed back to the head office, to take cognizance. Structural changes, while positive in the long run, may also affect the shorter- term productivity. As a result, they are often ignored. The mid- level bosses are also expected to work on their inputs provided, which is often difficult to execute, while keeping up the profits. This rampant short- termism is often the reason, and not managers themselves.


Uploaded Date:28 September 2019

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