A lot of European cities- notably Amsterdam, Barcelona and Lisbon- have taken steps to curb tourist numbers, citing overcrowding during the peak season. This prompted The United Nations along with Skift to undertake a marketing research assignment to gauge the true undercurrents. This survey was conducted in Munich, Berlin and Copenhagen in addition to those cities already mentioned. Surprisingly, it emerged that about a third of the residents in these cities do not favor caps on inbound tourist numbers. About a fourth even expressed that their cities had the wherewithal to further boost up the numbers. Skift reports that more than half the respondents have a positive image of tourism as it creates a vibrancy for their respective cities. It leads to enhanced protection of heritage sites. Europe has seen the steepest rise in inbound tourist numbers. Improved governance should dissipate most of the unfounded fears residents at tourist hubs have been experiencing.


Uploaded Date:17 October 2018

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