Women now occupy several leading positions across companies and political parties worldwide. There may, someday even be a woman President of the USA. This eventuality is only expected, as women outshine men across leadership skill categories. This is as per a study conducted based on data submitted by talent management and research firm Zenger Folkman. This is in spite of the fact, that women tend to under- rate themselves until they reach the mid forties. Instead, they rate themselves higher as they move up in their career, gaining experience. It is only a dearth of opportunity that is holding back women, though they can make highly competent leaders. The data further reinforces the different skill categories where women tend to have the higher competence. The biggest gap exists in the ability to take initiative. Women also do better in terms of resilience, being results- driven, having an acute awareness of self- development, bold leadership, helping develop others, problem- solving ability, building relations, effective communications and in executing business innovations. The only areas where they marginally fall short of their male counterparts are in developing a strategic perspective and in their professional or technical expertise.


Uploaded Date:23 July 2019

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