A lot of feedback that professionals hear directly or inadvertently, is not positive. Even with the best of intentions, the listeners may not appreciate this and may contradict the same internally. This could be performance reviews, 360 degree feedback reports, direct communication from a superior or even something overheard. A lot of people would rush to a friend to confirm their biases and get support. However, such feedback must not be taken in negative approach. In fact quite often the words expressed may not exactly be meant for want of any other phrase. For example a person deemed not creative enough may not imply a lack of creativity, but instead a lack of fostering an environment within the other team members at executing business innovations. Terms like leadership or strategic thinking are often loosely coined without really meaning the same. So one must check for blind spots by posing two questions which are about what may be wrong and what right. Of course receiving feedback does not necessarily imply that one needs to work on it, but yes it must be heard.


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