It is no well- known that especially for travel decisions, most customers prefer going the heavily online mode. That is why the global travel and room booking leaders such as Expedia, Kayak and Trip Advisor have introduced well- defined algorithms to help customers with specific search queries. It also helps the agencies, direct business in a curated manner. Flight intermediaries such as Sky Scanner, Hopper and Google Flights have likewise introduced similar measures. A similar trend is also taking place with organized retail, as directed by the digital giants such as Alibaba and Amazon, using algorithms. Three kinds of digital curating engines are now emerging. The first lot are the market mappers, who simply conduct gargantuan quantities of data warehousing, which acts as a storehouse of customer insights. Google Shopping would be an apt example. Then, there are digital personal shoppers such as Thread and Netflix, who help customers curate their shopping lists, by extracting business intelligence from their history or shopping and lifestyle trends. Finally, there are the likes of Makeup Alley and Bazaar Voice who are the review aggregators. The entire retail experience is now curated by these sets of organized players.


Uploaded Date:22 January 2019

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