The unemployment rate in the USA recently hit its lowest ebb in the last half- century. While this has brought about a general feeling of positivity, for companies, talent management and retention, is now a far bigger challenge, due to the greater number of options on hand to employees. To improve this part, the right amount of onboarding effort is now needed. This onboarding may be of two types- technical and social. Technical onboarding starts with defining what looks good. This will help avoid the phenomena of employees occurring their previous companies’ practices frequently. New hires must be given clear goals, but some of these goals must be relatively easier to achieve. This will lead to early wins, ensuring a psychological boost from the outset. Social onboarding meanwhile refers to the process of curating a sense of community within. A set of people among superiors, peers, subordinates or even customers need to be identified to whose successes they can contribute more.


Uploaded Date:29 December 2018

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