Customer engagement has moved beyond the ‘aha’ moments that used to delight them earlier. Now they want brands to understand even before they have made the first purchase or even before they themselves understood their requirements. Big Data and technology have proven to be enablers but also burdened companies with expectations which may not always be achievable. Thus some guidelines have been identified which can usually enable customer or even employee engagement. First of all, touch-points must be developed so that key moments can be leveraged. As the customer is not controlled by anyone, at least such moments must be seized and the customer be empowered. An equilibrium needs to be reached between customer experience and the brand’s servicing. However, all work needs to be forged within the natural cycle of the organization. But because things constantly change due to cloud based technologies, so a fluid system needs to be put in place. To execute customer engagement, first of all, the employees need to be engaged to the brim. The company must stay vigilant against competition, a lot of which lurks in the shadows. This includes technology that can rapidly change but also imperil.


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