A lot of youngsters are more open these days to working for startups instead of large established corporations. Thus startups must also plan early on how to get the best of talent and then create a pipeline for the same. Proper talent management systems must be created right from the outset. The recruitment must be done with clear set timelines, rather than just thinking of surviving the day or the business quarter. An assessment must be made of the skills the recruiter is looking for. For youngsters looking to grow, a startup can at times be a hurdle, so clear growth paths must be designed. A mistake lot of company founders commit is to recruit people who have similar personalities to themselves. Instead people with complementary skills must be selected to complete the organization and help it grow beyond the founder’s vision alone. At times, the pipeline will need to get pruned as a lot of non-performers will also exist. Unlike the luxury of any established firms, startups must without delay execute this function.


Uploaded Date: 16th May 2017

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