For freelancers and self-employed consultants, managing meetings is also an art. Full-time professionals get into habits of meetings regularly. They even do check-in meetings where all team members exchange updates about their latest strand of work. This apparently works well for full-timers as they simply need to hop on to the next room but for those working remotely as is the case with independent consultants, this practice is unfeasible due to the major travel time considerations. In fact, constant meetings do not serve even fulltime professionals much benefit but at least the loss is lower as no travel time gets involved. There are broadly two kinds of meetings- “manager meetings” and “maker meetings”. The former is a tightly packed schedule of several meetings one after another while the latter facilitates unstructured creative time to work on business innovations. A freelancer needs to do both, so must insist on the agenda of the meeting before agreeing to any. It is advisable to have one to three meeting days in a week where all such interactions can be done away with. The locations must be chosen accordingly to optimize time. As those few days will involve several back-to-back meetings, in order to avoid fatigue, clear templates must be set in place to prioritize the topics.


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