Self-made billionaires, as opposed to those who inherit the wealth, have certain key tenets which have enabled them to scale the peaks. For a start, they are believers in constant business innovation, as a result of which they keep churning new ideas. But these ideas evolve with empathy, as they have, unlike the inheritors, gone through the same hassles which any consumer would have. These people also value time, so are patient. But this patience cannot be mistaken for languid, as they show a sense of urgency in getting the tasks completed, so that they may hit the market at the right time. Such people are action-oriented. This shows during their periods of inventive execution. They are risk-takers too, but not in absolute terms. It is in relation to their peers. They are also adept at talent recruitment, so know how to team up with the best of performers. Often the people they are looking for are present with them. So, these internal talents are quite often discovered by such self-made billionaires.


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