Rising up to leadership positions is the key motivation for several professionals entering the workforce. However, leadership is not as easy as it seems, as one needs to perform multiple roles. It is physically and emotionally draining. A manager needs to handle the budget, process a lot of paperwork and will have the final say in the talent recruitment or even firing people. Workers are also more likely to report to their managers for helping them with emotional distress, rather than to coworkers. That is why a recent report by marketing research firm Gartner found out that a mere 38% of executives or managers were engaged at work, with the percentage dropping to even lower at 29% for the middle level. A study was conducted by the Journal of Applied Psychology to understand this link. This study compared several situations before drawing any conclusion. The final verdict was that the more effective leaders are those who spend specific time on self-reflection. One very good way of doing so is to write a few lines on a diary each morning in office before starting off with work.
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