For most countries of the world, acing the inbound tourism segment, means attracting a good number of Chinese tourists. This is because, the Chinese are now the world’s top travelers, and the ever- growing middle- class in the country, also brings with them, substantial wealth to invest during their travels. One country, that had until recently slipped under the radar for these Chinese travelers, was Serbia. But the country is making amends, as the numbers have risen by five times this year, in contrast to the figure for 2016. Improved bilateral ties between the countries, and a visa exemption has helped towards such progress. Neighbouring countries in Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia- Herzegovina have likewise, introduced such visa- free entry for Chinese visitors. Business intelligence received from the central bank has put the figures on tourism revenues to more than a billion euros last year. Serbia needs to constantly work on improvising its tourism offerings, as it does not possess the pristine beaches, that neighbor Croatia has.


Uploaded Date:23 December 2019

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