Food tourism is now one of the hottest areas within the broad field of travel and tourism. Local cuisine has in fact been identified as one of the best ways to explore the culture of any place. This has prompted several tour operators and cruise liners to launch specific food tours. Such tours involve experienced gourmets and professional chefs. Black Tomato is one such operator to have launched the Tasting Notes programme. This business innovation is led by Michelin-starred chefs who take visitors out on tours across the world and even impart cooking lessons in kitchen classes known as Kokotxa. Spain, Slovenia, Peru and Argentina are some of their most popular destinations. Likewise, Italian cuisine and culture can be explored on bikes via the programmes offered Tourissimo. South Africa’s famous food and wildlife can together be sampled thanks to Roar Africa. In India and Sri Lanka, teas and spices may be better understood by enlisting the services of The Spice Circuit. Windstar Cruises does something similar in Polynesia, Aqua Expeditions does along the Amazon river and APT in Vietnam along the Mekong river.


Uploaded Date:23 October 2018

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