People often get into this habit of complaining. It is at such times, that one may take perspective form others far less fortunate anyway. Some life-lessons can also be picked up by them, as identified by Tom Koulopoulos, who is the founder of Boston-based Delphi Group. The first such lesson is to own the feelings, or else they will overpower the person. Others will also see the person as one sees oneself. Complaining doesn’t help anyone. Life isn’t always fair, but then that is the case with everyone. One needs to make the best out of the situation. One can always give up. But the one who gives up, usually ends up losing the most. One can’t really control happenings in life. Only thing that can be controlled is one’s ability to respond to a situation. Not for nothing do we consider necessity the mother of invention. Business innovations arise most often at the height of one’s discomfort, so one discovers the best opportunities to grow.


Uploaded Date:31st October 2018

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