Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook lost her husband two years back and wrote a book with Wharton professor of psychology Adam Grant on recovering from the trauma. The duo came to the conclusion that building resilience was crucial in sustaining relationships throughout one’s life. A lot of resilience gets naturally built in during periods of such tragedy. Little gestures can help the aggrieved to return back to a somewhat normal life. At Facebook, due to excellent talent management practices, employees are afforded enough time to get back after ever suffering personal setbacks of such multitude. A lot of times, people are afraid to simply speak up with the sufferers when the latter return back to life. But in addition to the concern, efforts must also be put in to help them recover the confidence which often goes missing after such instances. One need not feel guilty for reminding them as it always present with them.


Uploaded Date:20 July 2017

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