Historically, college meant a place where new ideas could be discovered and curiosities indulged in for the sake of learning. However, that seems gone now, as college tuition costs have skyrocketed in this decade. Education costs have inflated more than any other good or service in the US since 1978. Conversely students are treating college as a mere investment just as they would real estate or stocks that are publicly traded. This is leading to a kind of tailored learning geared towards a specific career like an MBA for management. The opposite broad learning is more conducive to imbibing knowledge from a variety of experiences often through serendipity. Psychologists warn that the latter is more conducive to resilience and the former instead leads to erosion of IQ. Tailored learners do not as a result, embrace newer opportunities once at work and are not receptive to business innovations.


Uploaded Date: 27 October 2017

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