The best of businesses are those that are adept at switching their corporate strategy depending on the condition. This method of migration can best be studied using cases from the animal world. Some principles exist for effective migration. First of all, just like animals’ and birds’ annual migration patterns, companies must know the time to switch. Any undue delay, may cause severe thunderstorms. Birds know where exactly to reach during these migrations. Similarly, companies must identify the targets they want to achieve. They mustn’t stop without making this complete switch to cater to the changed goal. Neither, must they stretch it too far, so it gets unrealistic. The route towards this final goal must also be prepared before the start. Animals often morph their physiology during these journeys so as not to be spotted by predators or competitors. Companies too must not reveal all their cards at once. During this period of migration, essential business operations must not get ignored, just as animals or birds do not skip food or water.


Uploaded Date:08 November 2018

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